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I'm a software engineer, project manager, multi-time SaaS startup founder and investor, passionate about connecting industries, from financial technology (FinTech) to automotive manufacturing, to Legal Tech, with consumer and operations data.

Following the acquisition of BankerBox in 2019, I've assumed a principal engineering role with Boston-based SS&C Intralinks, steering post-merger integration and product research and development. When I co-founded the fintech SaaS company, BankerBox in 2017, I set out to co-create a cloud-based process management platform that automates time-consuming tasks associated with M&A due diligence, while retaining a high-touch, personalized approach. Today, BankerBox, renamed Intralinks for Deal Marketing, serves global banking, deal making, and capital markets with new users onboarded every day.

Along with driving software development for the fintech firm, I'm scaling my automotive inventory analytics SaaS company, AutoLytx. Founded in 2015, AutoLytx seeks to help automobile manufacturers and dealers harness the power of data and ultimately build profitable, fast-selling car inventories. For five years, I've served as co-founder and CTO, working with clients nationally to improve the user and customer experience, while providing data-driven recommendations powering $600M in inventory orders annually.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Colorado School of Mines. Outside my tech endeavors, I spend my time traveling with plans to visit every U.S. state (nine to go!). I also enjoy cooking and exploring around New England neighborhood in hopes of finding my next favorite cocktail bar, brewery, or Mexican restaurant. I also enjoy hiking, keep up on the latest in high-end menswear fashion, and walking my dog, George, a.k.a. "Tuna".

As of April 2019, I've been a Managing Principal Engineer for a FinTech company in Boston, MA.

Going way back ->

I was born and raised in beautiful Denver, CO. I grew up camping, hiking, and enjoying the great outdoors. At a young age, I started to build computers, learning to code, and fell in love with all things tech. I have a Maltese Yorkie named George, who my family all calls "Tuna" after Jim from The Office. Recently, my partner and I got a Jack Russell Terrier named Appa after Avatar The Last Airbender. I'm an avid traveler, whiskey and cigar connoisseur, and I plan on retiring by 55. Furthermore, I'm a big proponent of the F.I.R.E. movement.

Back to the present, programming things I love ->

ReactJS, Next.JS, Ruby on Rails, Flask & Python, and Node.JS.

Curious about my coding setup? Check it out here!

I plan on continuing to ship until I get tech-sick.

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